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Our passports are biometric and can be used for traveling for any purpose excluding purposes related to the government for which a special passport is required and for instance in America, two types of passports used to travel on official government affairs are the Diplomatic Passport and the Official Passport and may vary for other countries. 


We do issue also the registered Official and Diplomatic Passports mentioned above which gives you exclusive travel freedom globally and as a diplomatic passport holder, your spouse and children are also eligible to hold a Diplomatic Passport. 


The prices for our Passports vary depending on the country and type of Passport you need. But our prices generally range from 3500 Euros for the Registered Regular Passports to 8000 Euros or more for the Registered Diplomatic Passports.


Validity periods for Passports would always range from 5 years to more often 10 years depending on factors like; age of holder, passport type, country, e.t.c. These Passports are issued directly by the government authorities and departments in charge of issuing for the respective countries and for this reason, we are giving you our 100% assurance that you will be able to use our Passports throughout their respective periods of validity without the fear of ever getting into trouble with the authorities in case the document is checked for validity. One added advantage of taking up our services is that when your Passport expires or it you lose it, you won’t need to come back to us for renewal because the authorities in your state or district in charge of issuing the Passport would be able to do the renewal for you based on your information which they will retrieve on the system as registered by our contacts during the issuing process.