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About US

Have you been in search for a place where you can buy a database registered Uk Driver’s License online without exams? Did you search in doubt if it is possible? 


Yes it is possible and you have come to the right resource center. We are Global Documentation Services and we have the material, expertise and the right contacts which grant us the ability to be able to issue the registered UK Driver’s License. The driver’s licenses we issue carry all watermarks and other security features and can pass any police checks because when checked, your information will be displayed on the DVLA system indicating that it is a registered driving license. We have been in this business for over 11 years now and we count a success rate of 96.5% so far and for the 2.5% failures, the clients received a full refund of their money as it is one of our policies that a full refund will be done for any client who is not satisfied with our services. Of course perfection in an industry like this is far from being achieved but our numbers tell that we still do the best. 


We are proud as well to say that our services are not only limited to the United Kingdom but it cuts throughout several countries across The EU zone and Europe in general, countries across North and South America, Asia, Africa and of course not forgetting Australia. We won’t say it has been an easy task to put together such force because it has in fact been very challenging for us to be able to boast of our success and while already preparing for a next generation of travel and immigration document services. 


We also do not only offer the Driver’s License but we also offer registered ID cards and Passports for several countries across the globe and that is why we are Global Documentation Services. Feel free to contact us anytime and exploit our services which are indeed premium in offering travel, identification and migration documents. 

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